Thoughts On… Affirmations + Thought Control

The theory that thoughts create reality has become somewhat popular lately. The buzzwords 'affirmation' and 'manifestation' have been popping up everywhere. This current movement of people recognising themselves as creators of their own reality is intended to be an empowering one. But to what extent does this concept of 'mind-hacking' intersect with the idea of … Continue reading Thoughts On… Affirmations + Thought Control

Thoughts On… Healing As An Obstacle To Success + Fulfilment

I think it's important to treat yourself kindly; to speak nicely to yourself, to be loving. One thing I noticed when I practiced a week of self parenting is that when I refrained from speaking negatively and critically to myself, I felt less compelled to be so judgemental with others. This knock-on effect blossomed like a … Continue reading Thoughts On… Healing As An Obstacle To Success + Fulfilment